June - August 2018
There are four “S’s” that tell the story of Loudonville Christian School: “We equip students to glorify God as they grow scholastically, socially, spiritually, and in stature,” all stemming from their school verse (Luke 2:52).
That’s a lot to fit into one little logo, which is why this symbol zeroes in on just one word to encompass one goal: growth. Anchoring this budding young leaf in tradition is the form of a coat-of-arms shield on the left, subtly suggesting a graceful “L.”
This same emblem of tradition, the shield, forms the base of each mark in the Loudonville trio: education, athletics, and arts. The result is a set of cohesive marks fit for representing students growing in the classroom, on the field, and on the stage.
B R A N D  B O O K
Now that Loudonville had a full set of branding elements, we needed to show them all in play together.
This extensive brand book makes sure no logo or color will ever be out of place. Comprehensive yet approachable, it offers friendly guides on printing, file types, color management, and even how to purchase products. Most importantly, it carries on the Loudonville legacy by telling where the logo comes from, and how it stays rooted in tradition yet reaching to the future.