December 2022
Parkersfield Pastries came to me as a homestyle, homegrown purveyor of pies with a goal of growing into a brick-and-mortar bakery, and eventually appearing on supermarket shelves.
Their story begins in 1926 with Arlethia Smith, "a healer and a fixer, revered among the village of upper Harlem" — and so were her cakes, pies, and biscuits, all baked from scratch. Now her grandson carries on her legacy and her recipes, and envisions a way for more people to enjoy the taste of her home-baked goods.
Arlethia's recipes kept things simple and traditional, so it made sense to reference the elements of classic bakeries: script inspired by hand sign-painting, simple color schemes, and simple patterns. Grandma Arlethia's legacy also lives on in a stylized portrait.
In contrast to the retro elements, a bold electric blue and modern, versatile shapes for secondary logo versions ensure the brand doesn't rely purely on nostalgia, and stands out in a contemporary marketplace.